20 april 2008

Udi, can you smell spring?

Udi, can you smell spring?
IDF captive Ehud Goldwasser’s mother, Miki Goldwasser, writes him an open letter ahead of Passover.


A second Passover is here. Do you even know that the seder will be held Saturday night? Can you smell the spring? The scents of flowers blossoming, which you love so much? Can you hear the singing of the birds that you photographed so often?

Oh, my son. My heart bleeds for you. My arms turn into stone when they cannot embrace you. And I know that you know. After all, I can feel you flowing through my body.

Udi, I would like to tell you how in this country, which you went out to protect with the love and dedication that are so typical to you, thousands of people are joining the call to free you and free Eldad and Gilad.

You know, at the beginning of the struggle I thought that only we, the families, would have to fight against an indifferent government responsible for failures that it is unwilling to admit to. Yet slowly we are discovering that thousands upon thousands are joining the fight.

You know, in one of the rallies I said that every tsunami starts with one small wave. We are almost a tsunami by now. To my regret, some leaders adopted this way of expression but not the message. Yet today, this message is sweeping.

Udi, an entire nation, including its Diaspora, are sending their feelings to you, Eldad, and Gilad. They are sending their hope to see you soon, at home.

We shall place an additional glass of wine next to the glass of Eliyahu the prophet, and may you, our abducted sons, enter through the open door.

Mom, dad, your Karnit, and your brothers, who all miss you.

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